Amsterdam, De OverVal – a warm-up.

Last Thursday, I was giving my first talk about Rojava here in Amsterdam ( Going there I got miserably lost on my way, but I finally found the place. Pretty nice squatted(?) area, neatly arranged over the open plan and full of activity. Combined with a weekly vegan “VoKu & Punk Bar” it made a good opportunity to run my first event.

Around 30 people gathered, before I started. Having pretty serious stage fear, I do not really remember all details, but it went pretty well. Quite a lot of questions, some of which were really unexpected. Couple very interesting suggestions, and enough money collected to pay back a small loan I took to get from Hamburg to Amsterdam.

Next (and the last in Amsterdam) event: Tomorrow evening @ Joe’s Garage. Arrice!


Turning stories into reality.

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