Basic principles of Amargi network


We are only going to be supporting network, always following the agenda of Rojava people, while in a creative and proactive way. We are giong to be Rojava’s civilian militia in Europe and beyond. And that defines our attitude.

We shall be also transferring as much knowledge to Rojava citizens on the open source basis, in a way they chose as the most suitable.

Every sign of European arrogance or “white man’s burden” approach will be killed at sight and silently buried in the backyard.

Our ultimate goal is to become redundant. When we are needed no more, we launch the biggest party ever and start looking for another mission.

Swarmwise self-organisation.

We are going to work in a non-hierarchical, self-governed way, similar to the „swarmwise” approach, as defined by Rick Falkvinge from Swedish Pirate Party.

The coordination of the network will be based not on the structures, but on values and rules – like these outlined here.

And yes, this is an experimental way. We shall see if we are able to proceed this way. No promises, except one: it IS an adventure.

Connecting the Dots

Practically all knowledge and resources needed for Rojava redevelopment are available through formal and informal contacts. We do not need to have them among volunteers – we shall be connecting existing sources with the needs we identify. Facilitation is all what we need to do. But we need to do it quickly and efficiently. And sometimes we shall get our hands dirty, no worry.

No political tourism

Political tourism has its uses, all right. But not here and now. We are much more useful in Europe, putting pressure on institutions, mobilizing our fellow country(wo)men, breaking ice wherever it is needed. Going to Rojava will be sensible only in few cases. So do not expect it soon.


Turning stories into reality.

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