Events with dates from the battle of Kobani

Timeline of Kobane campaign 2014/2015


September 15 2014: Islamic State ( ISIL ) launched a major offensive on district of Kobani from 3 sides, after besieging it over a year and capturing lots of villages and towns on both eastern and western sides of the city.

September 16 2014: First case of major people fleeing from the outskirts of Kobani towards the city.

September 18 2014: The beginning of major fleeing people from the city of Kobani to the Syrian-Turkish borders, the case resumed till last of September.

September 19 2014: ISIL captured more than 200 Kurdish villages around Kobani, and completed the siege on the city.

September 23 2014: The US-led Intl Coalition conducted several airstrikes on ISIL positions in Syria, a day after, the  Coalition air-fighters targeted ISIL fighting positions around Kobani.

October 6 2014: The Islamic State breaks Kobani’s defending lines from the eastern side of the city, meanwhile, inside Turkish cities…

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