EZLN movement as an example to follow for Rojava supporters.

I am just now reading some analysis of EZLN “social netwar” — the way Zapatistas and their allies built global support and protection network for the indigenous struggle in Chiapas. See the PDF here.

Although the pressure and level of threats is much bigger for Rojava than for Chiapas, there are many similarities and I believe we may and should learn from their 20-years-long experiences.

I also hope that one day Amargi would become a part of the global network of grassroot international recognition for EZLN, Rojava and every similar stateless political project. Meanwhile, I will continue my research and share results here. Your contribution is more than welcome, too.

Read also “Zapatistas social netwar“, 1998, commisioned by the US Army.


Turning stories into reality.

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