Urgent! Antivenom Serum for Rojava!

There is an urgent appeal from the Health Commission of Afrin canton in Rojava.  They have pretty serious situation with rabies, snakes and scorpion bites. Next week we shall run a fund-raising campaign, so do not spend too much this weekend! 😉

For now, we need to identify an snake and scorpion serum for them. This is what I got from Efrin (not much). Somebody to translate the Arabic label to the left, please?

serum-arabic serum-1It is pretty obvious that we shall not be able to buy that from the Syrian Government Institute. So, we need to find an equivalent and a good source of it (at least 200 doses), possibly in Turkey (logistics). And to get the best price possible.

Your help is needed! If you can help, please leave a reply (moderated) below this post, or send me an email message.

Also, share this post with your friends who deal with tropical medicine etc.



The snake antivenom leaflet. Seems to be pretty local. I was trying to find the manufacturer over Internet, but no contact. Only a note in Wikipedia on alleged chemical & biological weapons production. No, this is not what we try to buy.



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13 comments on “Urgent! Antivenom Serum for Rojava!
  1. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    link to purchase vials worldwide shipping http://www.snake-antivenin.com/
    link to simple video to educate on the process of creating your own anti venom simple but exhausting lengthily process but do more research if needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yqVow4J4oA
    Inshaa Allah this can be helpful.


  2. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    Assalamu Alaykum
    here you have all possible worldwide producers of anti venom on this website:
    hope this is helpful Inshaa Allah


  3. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    Quick link to youtube video clip to give you an idea of how to produce antivenom but more research should be done on your behalf if you decide to go this way
    Inshaa Allah.

    Best wishes from Puerto Rico, USA

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  4. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    Made a plead on your behalf thru email to the CSL corporation, inshaa allah they will get in touch with you guys.


  5. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    Which one


  6. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    This place in Mexico sells anti venomous products at very accesible prices: read from mexican forums on where to buy as a particular and not a hospital or clinic etc… worth a shoot mexico produces cheaply sometimes same quality medications then the States.
    Laboratorios Silanes, S.A. de C.V.
    Amores 1304 Col. del Valle, México D.F. 03100
    Tel. 5488-3700, Fax. 5688-5188


  7. Salim Ibn Yusuf says:

    This i found published in a forum a personal distributor in mexico for Daro anti venom products. Her contact tel# 5521967184
    link to this info:


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