Amargi in brief

  1. We run and coordinate direct support campaigns. Right now we are up to purchasing vaccines & sera for Afrin canton and testing secure internet communication with Rojava. Next campaigns are waiting in the queue.
  2. We organize „Amargi1 House” in Thessaloniki. A center of coordination, meetings and training for bigger scale technical and educational support. Later we shall set up similar centers in various cities and countries.
  3. We inform, inspire and integrate people in Europe and beyound, to support Rojava in a political, technical and financial way.

We rise money and gather people to support a post-war recovery of Rojava Autonomy2. Rojava is a self-administered territory in Syria, near the Turkish border, governed by local communities and their assemblies3. Victorious war with ISIS left most of the area destroyed4, full of landmines and booby-traps. Our help is needed for the refugees to return home and rebuild the country rather than emigrating to Europe5. It will enlarge the only area in Syria which is peaceful, secular and safe for everyone.

More details here

How can I help?

If you want to get involved personally, join our forum.

Please keep us going via
Amargi Donation Center

1 Amargi (sumerian). /1/ 5000 years ago: first written world for freedom.
/2/ Today: grassroot international network of volunteers to support Rojava recovery.

3 Essential aspects of Rojava political system are: secular direct democracy, assemblies, feminism and social ecology. More:

5 On refugees, Rojava and our selfish reasons to help them…


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