Amargi House

In Thessaloniki (Greece) we are setting up Amargi House – a small but ambitious support action center. It is going to be the first node of the whole Amargi Network, volunteer support for Rojava reconstruction and for increasing the cooperation between Europe and Rojava. The support will be organized in direct cooperation with self-governing Rojava communities. Our first goal is to develop direct technical help for Rojava reconstruction. We are already involved in that, but we lack infrastructure to do it at the bigger scale. The other goal is to make people in Europe – and beyond – aware how important is Rojava,the only area of Middle East, governed by a secular, inclusive and democratic self-administration; safe area for thousands of refugees and an exemplary solution to Middle Eastern problems.

Thessaloniki is a natural meeting point between Europe, Turkey and Syria, easily accessible for everybody. It is also traditionally a stronghold of the Greek Left, pretty much aligned with the ideals Rojava implements.

The beginning of Amargi House is a place, currently rented by our Thessaloniki volunteers. As soon as we reach the required funding level1, we shall rent a bigger place and adapt it for our needs.

Amargi House will consist of three material and organizational areas.

  • Guesthouse, for volunteers and short-term guests.
  • Meeting facility, for conferences, seminars and open events..
  • Backstage, performing direct support operations and running the House infrastructure.

In the House we shall coordinate direct support, run events to promote Rojava and its ideals, organize workshops and educational courses. We shall be also running R&D projects for Rojava needs2.

We start the project as an informal affinity group, funded by direct donations from the people and some allied social organizations. As soon as we have Amargi House officially established, we shall set up an organization to manage it and to work towards financial sustainability. To achieve that we shall develop economic cooperation with Rojava and other nodes of Amargi network, in a spirit fo Solidarity Economy.

The House and the future network is and will be a self-administered democratic community and its structure will be based on Rojava ideals and experience.

Once the House in Thessaloniki gets stable, we plan to set up another one in Crete. Later the network will be expanded in cooperation with interested communities in other cities and countries. Their goals will be:

  • To develop contacts and cooperation with Rojava in their local and regional context.
  • To adapt and implement ideals and praxis of Democratic Confederalism and Municipalism according to local conditions.
  • To expand economic cooperation with other entities of solidarity economy.

Even more details and reports from the Amargi House will be published online3.

1 Estimated budget to start and run the Amargi House: 4000 EUR seed money and 1500 EUR per month.

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