What is the plan?

Direct support

Working directly with Rojava bodies, following their agenda.

We are going to act as an “European militia” for official bodies of Rojava, beginning from the Kobane Reconstruction Board. Our job is to find and execute smart, creative and efficient ways to help fulfill their goals.

Knowledge transfer

Through the cooperation with young Kurdish people in Europe.

There is a large group of students in Europe, of the Kurdish origin. We plan to work with then, through their organizations, to facilitate knowledge transfer in a way suitable for Kurdish culture. They will become a “firewall”, protecting the social fabric of Rojava from being westernized against their needs.


Supporting creation of independent Rojava structures – especially in the area of technology.

Our ultimate goal is to become redundant. On a knowledge level it means we need to support creation of stable structures within Rojava, able to provide education, research and development and to contribute back to the international technological community. We aim for creating Rojavan hackerspaces, maker labs, open manufacturing centers — new generation technosphere, making technology democratized, decentralized and close to the people. This is intended to compliment Democratic Confederalism approach, already expressed for ecology and economy. Technology must follow as well.


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