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Wampi mają swój autonomiczny rząd

Originally posted on Serwis Solidarnościowy "Borduna":
Dla większości Peruwiańczyków, to była niedziela jak każda inna; ale w społeczności Indian Wampi z Soledad, był to dzień historyczny. 29 listopada 2015 roku naród Wampi ogłosił utworzenie pierwszego autonomicznego rządu…

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Dogecoins Accepted Here!

And not just Doge! Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin we swallow directly on our Donation Center. Every other cryptocurrency — via!

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RojavArt. Visual Art History of Rojava

Kurdish saying goes: Brexwedan jian e — Resistance is life. Today, we start a project, which can be named “Art is Resistance — Huner Berxwedane” and that is exactly the tagline of our new website. And the addres is:

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Secure internet communication with Afrin established

Today we have established first channel of securely encrypted internet communication with the IT installations in Afrin Canton. We tested text and voice chat and file transfer. Everything performed very well. The state-of-the art point-to-point encryption secures communication channel against

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