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Dogecoins Accepted Here!

And not just Doge! Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin we swallow directly on our Donation Center. Every other cryptocurrency — via!

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RojavArt. Visual Art History of Rojava

Kurdish saying goes: Brexwedan jian e — Resistance is life. Today, we start a project, which can be named “Art is Resistance — Huner Berxwedane” and that is exactly the tagline of our new website. And the addres is:

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How to join Amargi dicussion group. Visual guide.

If you have a Loomio account already, you probably know how to log in and how to join a group. So, here is a visual guide for those, who starts from scratch. Just follow the pictures.

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Drawing maps of solidarity with Rojava

There is a growing number of various initiatives, programs and partnerships, aiming to support Rojava. It is time, I believe, to start putting together a list (and later a map, I guess) of them. For information, integration and inspiration. So

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