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Hint hunt: help us find seed funding!

We need to start building infrastructure — in the Internet and here in Greece as well — to start long-term cooperation with Rojava. For that, we shall soon be looking for some seed funding. Please help us locate possible sources.

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Events with dates from the battle of Kobani

Originally posted on jackshahine:
September 15 2014: Islamic State ( ISIL ) launched a major offensive on district of Kobani from 3 sides, after besieging it over a year and capturing lots of villages and towns on both eastern and…

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Kobane: Mines and Booby traps removal. UN Ops calls for proposals

Following the public appeal of Kobane Reconstruction Board ( , the UNOPS (a UN Organization entity) released a Call for Proposals inviting all appropriate organizations that are keen and able to launch operations of “explosive remnants” in the area of

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Script: Speech on Rojava v. 1

Volunteers for Rojava reconstruction 1What is Rojava Location, context, timeline Middle East: nexus of geopolitical problems since 1916. Sykes-Picot and drawing lines on the sand. Divide et impera. 40 Years of PKK – a peculiar story of political transformation. Anti-feudal

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