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First International Crowdfunding for Reconstructing Kobanê

This is the all-or-nothing campaign, to raise 130 000 USD for the first stage of cleaning the city from the remnants of war. If you ever considered yourself a supporter of Rojava revolution, this is the time do prove it again. Make a donation at

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Kobane Conference in European Parliament

There is a conference, being organized in European Parlament, on July 1st. “International Mobilization to Rebuild Kobane” So, you have an opportunity to nag your MEP, if you have any, to move their precious person there and get a bit

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Secure internet communication with Afrin established

Today we have established first channel of securely encrypted internet communication with the IT installations in Afrin Canton. We tested text and voice chat and file transfer. Everything performed very well. The state-of-the art point-to-point encryption secures communication channel against

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Urgent! Antivenom Serum for Rojava!

There is an urgent appeal from the Health Commission of Afrin canton in Rojava.  They have pretty serious situation with rabies, snakes and scorpion bites. Next week we shall run a fund-raising campaign, so do not spend too much this

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