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Rojava Reality

Hey Petros, I want to publish this article on your website anonymously. Don’t give out my name or email. That is the request I received in today’s email. so here it is. Unchanged, unedited message from one of comrades in

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Nie chcemy ŻADNYCH uchodźców!

Skromna sugestia
zmniejszenia ilości uchodźców dążących do Europy, sposobem skutecznym, szlachetnym i dalekowzrocznym.

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The Guilty Bystanders

If we decide to take this kind of risk, the power gathers in our hands. The power to participate in the revolution. In successful revolution. The power to create. The power to fight. And surely, when the time comes to make our revolution, this power will not go away. And others will join us, as we joined before.

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Dissent Magazine on Rojava

Starting from near-feudal circumstances, in the middle of a devastating war, people in the Rojava cantons are trying to create such a culture. We need to learn from them—and help. Good, well-documented and synthetic article. Enjoy!

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