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In shadows, they wait with the knives

Whatever happens to Rojava will be equally caused by the „big politics”, the armed fight and the info war I was trying to outline here. Out of these three, info war is the most tedious and time-consuming, as it is about winning hearts and brains without shooting them. However, as the example of EZLN shows, properly led info war saves lives, ammunition and fuel – and counterbalances even overwhelming military power.

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The Guilty Bystanders

If we decide to take this kind of risk, the power gathers in our hands. The power to participate in the revolution. In successful revolution. The power to create. The power to fight. And surely, when the time comes to make our revolution, this power will not go away. And others will join us, as we joined before.

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EZLN movement as an example to follow for Rojava supporters.

I am just now reading some analysis of EZLN “social netwar” — the way Zapatistas and their allies built global support and protection network for the indigenous struggle in Chiapas. See the PDF here. Although the pressure and level of

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