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First International Crowdfunding for Reconstructing Kobanê

This is the all-or-nothing campaign, to raise 130 000 USD for the first stage of cleaning the city from the remnants of war. If you ever considered yourself a supporter of Rojava revolution, this is the time do prove it again. Make a donation at

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Rojava Reality

Hey Petros, I want to publish this article on your website anonymously. Don’t give out my name or email. That is the request I received in today’s email. so here it is. Unchanged, unedited message from one of comrades in

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Rojava, Bakur and the pitfals of economic revolution

Technology, even advanced one, can be available for and controlled by the people. Living in democratic and free society needs — and benefits from — “liberatory technologies”, mostly abandoned in the West, as they damage capitalist profits and cripple state control.

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RojavArt. Visual Art History of Rojava

Kurdish saying goes: Brexwedan jian e — Resistance is life. Today, we start a project, which can be named “Art is Resistance — Huner Berxwedane” and that is exactly the tagline of our new website. And the addres is:

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